Torchlight Review


All those of you who have been hooked onto Diablo games, Heads up! There is a substitute out there that might interest you big time. The developers of ‘Diablo’ and ‘fate’ joined hands to produce a single player, action role playing master piece, which they call Torchlight. Torchlight released in 2009 crossed the $2 million mark in 2015 and is […]

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Telltale Games , best Game developers

telltale games

  If you are into gaming, then you must have fantasized about a game where your choices tailor game’s story.  Telltale games have done just that in their episodic game series. Telltale Games is an American award winning independent developer that came into being in 2004. Telltale games have been ranked as the most ‘innovative Company’ by Fast Company in […]

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Upwork (Odesk) Vs


Following the recent news regarding online outsourcing with the change from “Odesk” to “Upwork”, it’s time to understand the weight of this change and compare it with another platform with different traits. This article intends to show the strengths and weaknesses of both websites and try to give a review that allows a comparison between them.   Year of foundation […]

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