Future of social media

future of social media

Our lives a decade back were not the same like today. There was no such thing as tweeting, status updating, video streaming, blogging etc. Then came the likes of twitter, facebook and YouTube etc which completely revolutionized the way we lived. Social Media technologies have completely encapsulated each and every individual in this day and age. They have become more of a necessity than a time pass recreational activity. According to a 2013 study by “Ipsos Open Thinking Exchange (OTX)” an average American spent about 3.2 hours on social networking sites. There are more than billion people who use social media worldwide. However this surge of social media is further going to grasp nearly 2/3 of the population by 2020. According to a recent report there would be more than 5 billion people using social networking sites by the year 2020. However the opinion regarding the future of social media is still divided.

future of social media


The Optimistic View:

  • Burgeoning Growth: The optimists believe that Social media in 2020 and beyond would have translated into a monstrous network with a huge user base. From communication to entertainment to business everything would be done through social media. It would have become as normal an activity as texting. Social networking would consume major chunk of our daily routine time. The distinction between online and offline activities would be blurred. People would start sharing virtually everything on social media from thoughts to activities to even personal data. There would be more sites that would compete with facebook, twitter and YouTube etc thus giving more choices to users and eventually widening the realm of Social Networking
  • Gadgets Replacing Old devices: 10 to 20 years down the road, social networking won’t be done like we do it today. There would be no more need of Keyboards, Mouse etc. They would be substituted by wearable devices. The CES(Consumer Electronic Show) in Las Vegas have given an insight into the probable future wearable technologies. You won’t have to type your status or thoughts on keyboard, whatever you think would be automatically translated and posted as tweet or status. There would be amplified use of Voice recognition. PC’s, Phones and tablets would probably be run by voice commands. Watching a video or communicating with your loved ones would feel more realistic with the help of Holographic technology. 
  • The Chief Cog of Marketing: There won’t be many advertisements on newspapers, magazines or TVs. The cost effectiveness of the Social Media would cause it to emerge as the chief platform to present and advertise your products. It would be easy to identify your target audience through niche social market and reach them through whatever mode you want e.g Textual, audio or visual. 
  • Role as Watch Dog in Third World Countries: Social Media would reach those areas of the World where people as of now have no or little access to Social networking. Social Media would become a Watch Dog of fundamental human rights. Everything from holding democratic values to curbing corruption, violence and other vices would be the key function of Social Media. The Ease to uploading video and fast streaming would give an eyewitness like experience to users. There would be added pressure on perpetrators in the conflict stricken areas.


Pessimistic View:

The pessimistic view holds that Social media would be an outdated form of networking 10-20 years later. The Pessimists believe that people would eventually be fed up with Facebook and twitter etc. They would look for something more intriguing and creative. The inventions of new technologies like Cyborg would diminish the craze for previous social media technologies.  Marketing on Social Media won’t be easy. There would already be too many companies out there propagating their ideas, one really would had to think out of the box to attract the customers. According to Pessimists, the relationships would become impersonal and this relationship failure would compel people to abandon social media altogether. Though this might stand out as an extreme hypothetical stance, one never knows what might happen two decades later.

However, for the time being, we should not worry much about the future. What this exquisite phenomena “Social Media” has done for us is enough as of now. So relish these facilities; interact with your friends and family, like their posts and videos, tweet your opinion, because all of these might not be there after 10 or 20 years

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