Apple Vs Android in 2015


Apple and Android, you must be well aware of these brands nowadays, after all, they dominate the market in terms of mobile devices and with this article we’ll try to refer some similarities as well as differences in terms of mobile technology for both brands.


Founded by the late Steve Jobs as well as Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne, Apple is an American Multinational Company specialized in electronics such as software for your computer, but also online services. You must be familiarized with the Mac version of computers and the “I” technology, such as the iPod, the iPhone, the iPad and most recently, the Smartwatch. Regarding services, the “I” dominates again, with the iCloud, iTunes and the App Store where you can find everything that can maximize the potential of your electronic device. It has become a brand of enormous value, in the order of the hundreds of billions of dollars; it’s the most valuable brand nowadays and one that employs tens of thousands of people.


While Apple has a diversified system of products and services, we can say that Android specialized in mobile operating systems, being currently property of Google. Android’s masterpieces include the user interface system as the touchscreen for smartphones and tablets and other interfaces for television, cars and watches; however, it has also been used for videogame consoles, cameras and other devices, targeting a younger audience. The Google Play store is the counterpart of the App Store of Apple, with billions of applications downloaded every year since 2013. The success of this technology is due to the fact of being open source with a license, making its cost much lower.

Comparison between Apple and Android

The following table summarizes all the qualities as well as the benefits and the drawback of both mobile technologies for Apple and Android.

Mobile Technology
Brand Apple Android
Year of release 2007 2008
Design Single model More flexible and user friendly
Number of Models 3 70
Apps App Store Google Play Store
Multimedia Easy to download Difficult to download
Interface Direct and indirect manipulation Direct manipulation
Security Apple ensures the protection of the data, even with the installation of apps The app system removes safety to the data in the mobiles
Benefits More technical and better assistance from the company. The security of a company already installed in the mobile market for years is of great advantage for the user in terms of data protection. It has more possibilities to personalize according with the preferences from the user, the direct manipulation is a plus to work faster with social media
Drawbacks Not so user friendly which draws back a younger target audience The safety of data is not assured, especially since the reduction of costs is assured with open source license.

What’s new for 2015?

While we’re already in May, but there are several developments to be expected in this year, Android is expected to release the new Nexus smartphone, the Xiaomi Mi5 with 4GB of RAM and especially the Project ARA, in which you might be able to create your own smartphone, leaving the personalization, a trait of Android to another new level. To counter all of this, Apple has a huge surprise; both iPhone 6 and 7 will be released even this year! This will imply discontinuing iPhone 5c and iPhone 4s, Apple was betting on the selling of handsets to complements the sales of smartphones, but this pattern will seem to be discontinued with the skipping straight to an iPhone7.

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