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The game Assassin’s Creed is an action-adventure world stealth game; it was first launched in 2007 for Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. In eight years, the series already has eight games and several materials that can be used as extras for the game. The greatest added value of this game is the number of platforms in which its available to play it, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Mac, Nintendo, PSP, iOS, Android and even the Wii! The success of the game is reflected in the number of sales which is over 70 million , a number registered in 2014.

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The game has several influences of the Prince of Persia history and it starts with the rivalry between secret societies, the Knight Templars and the Assassins. This rivalry goes back to the species pre-dating humanity. The action starts in the year 2012, with the character Desmond Miles, a descendant of an Assassin who works as a bartender to have a common lifestyle. One day Desmond is kidnapped by the Abstergo Industries, the charade company for the Knight Templars, they know the ancestors of Desmond and force him to see the past memories of his ancestors with the device called Animus.


The goal of the Templars is to find out several artifacts that carry great power, in order to control the fate of Man, unifying all individuals. After this event, Desmond finds the modern Assassins and starts working with them after finding the truth regarding the artifacts, through the development of the history, Desmond keep remembering his ancestors’ memories in order to find the artifacts before the Templars do. While uncovering the truth, Desmond is able to release his hidden powers, but with the cost of having to carry the burden of living with multiple personalities in his brain.



Like it was referred before, the history is centered in Desmond reliving the memories of his ancestors in order to stop the Templars, which means that you’ll be able to control both the character in real time, as well as in the time of controlling the past memories. If you go against the Assassin’s Code or if you lose all of your health, the synchronization with the memories will end, making you restart to the last checkpoint.

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Playing with the Assassins characters makes you experiencing the assassination of public figures in stealth missions that you have to carefully plan ahead. But the best part is to use the Animus itself, with it, you can go back to a mission that you’ve already completed in order to achieve better synchrony. The weapons of the Assassins are unique, and you don’t have to fight all the time, as a stealth character, you can often evade fighting.


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Assassin’s Creek is a very popular videogame, and that demands perfection from the developers, that is why that this week, a new Assassin was unveiled, his name is Jacob Fry, who you may see in the latest Assassin’s Creed Syndicate world premiere.


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