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Flying games are not so typical, being attractive and online availability is a bigger challenge, in today’s article we will give you some reviews of good flying games that you can play online. The criteria to define what was good and what wasn’t, is very simple, the game first of all had to be addictive. That’s the first motive we seek to play an online game, we want to spend time and do it to have a good distraction. In order to do that, the game has to be good, the options available must allow a good evolution of the flying options and the levels must be nice. Finally, it was to be pretty simple in terms of play-ability, a complex online game won’t be an attractive one, or one that takes too long loading.




Flight is probably one of the best ever online games that ever appeared. It has unique traits that fit each one of us to the computer. The possibilities of evolve the airplane throughout several campaigns it’s great, you can keep adding things such as boosts, more aerodynamic, an extra push, more crane bonus, you name it. The best part is that will bring back people from other generations to their childhood, after all, who doesn’t like to throw a good ol’ nice airplane into the skies? You’ll see you be playing it for hours and hours just for the fun. You can play it in any browser and the loading time is minimal.




Family flights


The story mode of this is brilliant, for an online flight game is so complete. The dialogs are easy to read and the story keeps moving you forward in the game. There’s the possibility of learning the controls before playing the real game. The game is to manage a business airline, doing things in both the management as well as in the airplane, this idea is way out of the box, you’ll keep reaching new achievements and when you least expect, you’ll be absorbed into the game. All the details, serving the passengers, reaching the destiny, are something that will stick you to the screen




Cartoon flight

A shooting game, picking coins, everything a good action game must have. You probably won’t stick too long in playing this one since it’s very fast paced. However, you gain points by picking coins, shooting enemies; you can use the mouse to move your airplane in the screen, just perfect. The only con is the fact that you keep moving forward, it would be pretty easy to add some breaks, but the biggest issue is that this game might not perform that well on browsers different from the Chrome, which is a shame.




Kite Flying Game

flying games is a different game from all the others referred above. This one needs registration, which can be a big constraint if you only seek for a game to spend some moments of relaxation. However, if you intend to play it regularly, you won’t be disappointed, there’s a chat window to be interactive with other players, and there’s a code of conduct that you must follow in order to not to be blocked. It’s a pretty intuitive game, you have a regular kite, and you fight against others, you can even practice before going to multiplayer mode to slug it good.


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