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When we hear about websites related with coupons , probably we’ll get suspicious, since the majority of all of these websites usually are unappealing or have very doubtful promotions, But is revolutionary in this aspect, they have a wonderful landing page are providing thousands of coupons that works. Also, they do provide Free Shipping Coupons code for some stores.   website :   Social […]

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Upwork (Odesk) Vs


Following the recent news regarding online outsourcing with the change from “Odesk” to “Upwork”, it’s time to understand the weight of this change and compare it with another platform with different traits. This article intends to show the strengths and weaknesses of both websites and try to give a review that allows a comparison between them.   Year of foundation […]

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Daraz pk is a Pakistani’s website specialized in ecommerce, although it’s unknown for the mainstream audience that rely on more popular websites of the kind, this website, has very good traits for this niche. The target audience nowadays are the Pakistani’s, however, it also operates internationally and with very good cost/quality ratio.   website:   Versatility When we access the website, […]

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Bitcoins , an alternative economical system?


The bitcoin is the latest trend in what concerns payment systems. It started to appear in 2008, and was invented by Satoshi Nakamoto. The greatest aspect regarding bitcoins is that it consists in “informatics money”; this means that anyone who wants bitcoins simply needs a peer to peer system, without any intermediary. It started with the first transfer, when Hal […]

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