Telltale Games , best Game developers

telltale games

  If you are into gaming, then you must have fantasized about a game where your choices tailor game’s story.  Telltale games have done just that in their episodic game series. Telltale Games is an American award winning independent developer that came into being in 2004. Telltale games have been ranked as the most ‘innovative Company’ by Fast Company in […]

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Game of Thrones , best TV series

game of thrones

The popularity that the TV series Game of Thrones reached as been astounding, we can say that the popularity has been achieved not only due to great action scenes and characters with excellent psychological development but also due to the creativity of the filming. Game of Thrones was filmed in studios in Belfast but also in site on Northern Ireland, […]

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zem tv

This website is not a very mainstream one, probably because there aren’t any American or European influences, but regarding Pakistani information, this website is top notch quality and the way it gives information is amazing, very intuitive to the public and allows interaction with the same. Website :   Contents The has live news channels, as well has the […]

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Soundcloud – the best audio interface of the web!


The website known as SoundCloud is nothing more than an interface where everyone can share audio files in the internet. Sound familiar? Yes, it’s pretty much like YouTube, but more directed to a less young target audience. Its popularity keeps increasing, and nowadays, nearly 200 million people listens materials in SoundCloud every month. It was founded in Sweden, but the […]

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