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When we hear about websites related with coupons , probably we’ll get suspicious, since the majority of all of these websites usually are unappealing or have very doubtful promotions, But is revolutionary in this aspect, they have a wonderful landing page are providing thousands of coupons that works. Also, they do provide Free Shipping Coupons code for some stores.   website :   Social […]

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Soundcloud – the best audio interface of the web!


The website known as SoundCloud is nothing more than an interface where everyone can share audio files in the internet. Sound familiar? Yes, it’s pretty much like YouTube, but more directed to a less young target audience. Its popularity keeps increasing, and nowadays, nearly 200 million people listens materials in SoundCloud every month. It was founded in Sweden, but the […]

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Make animated videos online with


Everyone is attracted to motion and sound. GoAnimate is a combination of both motion and sound. It is a web based application which is used by non-artist users to create animated videos in a very easy way. Drag and drop feature in this application makes it easier and simpler to create videos and gives it a very professional look. Also […]

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