Zemtv.com a top video news website

zem tv

This website is not a very mainstream one, probably because there aren’t any American or European influences, but regarding Pakistani information, this website is top notch quality and the way it gives information is amazing, very intuitive to the public and allows interaction with the same. Website : www.zemtv.com   Contents The Zemtv.com has live news channels, as well has the […]

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Soundcloud – the best audio interface of the web!


The website known as SoundCloud is nothing more than an interface where everyone can share audio files in the internet. Sound familiar? Yes, it’s pretty much like YouTube, but more directed to a less young target audience. Its popularity keeps increasing, and nowadays, nearly 200 million people listens materials in SoundCloud every month. It was founded in Sweden, but the […]

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Pinterest , top photo sharing website


Pinterest.com is a website that was launched 5 years ago, in March 2010, although it’s pretty well established online, its features has to compete with other social media applications. Nonetheless, it continues to confirm itself has a valuable tool in terms of searching for online content, since it still holds the record for one of the fast growing websites ever, […]

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