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Daraz.pk is a Pakistani’s website specialized in ecommerce, although it’s unknown for the mainstream audience that rely on more popular websites of the kind, this website, has very good traits for this niche. The target audience nowadays are the Pakistani’s, however, it also operates internationally and with very good cost/quality ratio.


website: www.daraz.pk



When we access the website, the first thing that comes to mind is, more than the 10% of discount that’s offered in some random product, is the variety of products available for purchase. On the left side of the window, you’ll be able to see a wide range of products from clothing, technology and even house decoration! There are thousands of brands available, from well known ones to regional ones, you can order what you desire the most, plus, if you have a good knowledge on what the brands produce the best, you can have the finest quality at a very accessible price.

daraz pakistan ecommerce

The search of product by keyword is another great aspect for first time visitors to an eCommerce website, that way, even if you find the website design complicated or different from other templates, by adding the keyword you’ll be guided to several products. The downside of it is that the keywords are very sensitive and can give you too many products, even those that aren’t directly related.



More than quality, because, that is something that you can find in every eCommerce website, what the client desires is reliability and trust. That’s the hardest part of this segment; however, even that Daraz manages to pull off with great satisfaction.


First of all, in the main page you have the telephone number to connect with the company, that way you can ask all the questions you have and that doesn’t have an answer on the direct information of the website nor in the “help” part. You can either pay in cash on delivery and even a free delivery if you order above 1500 Rs. If you want to see the status of your delivery, you can do it via phone number, or just access in the upper corner of the website on the “order status”, where you just need to add your order number, a pretty easy mechanism, but a very effective one.


The fact that Daraz is available on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, the mobile version of the website, the app, the newsletter and even with its own blog is a way to allow the sharing of experiences and informations that each client might have, as well as any specific service complaint. Nonetheless, Daraz could place the information regarding their activities, both national and international, as well as the customer service in the upper part of the website so that it would be more transparent for the customer. Even with this last positive point, the fact is that Daraz is a very reliable website that keeps getting good reviews from its customers.

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