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Forums have gained popularity in recent years. Web geeks from all over the world spend time surfing on internet and on different forums. It’s worth to spend time on digital point forums as it will never disappoint you. This is being used by web geeks and also professionals as they are getting benefits of all types from this website.  Digital point did become popular in recent years and the reason of their success is the forums where people visit, post and review stuff which can benefit them and others in many ways which we will discuss later.

It is different from other forums as in this forum you get paid when people view your post or click on the Ads which are pushed on your posts unlike other forums in which you get paid on just posting stuff on forums which is quiet outdated formula for money. This website is not only limited to posting and getting revenue but people are using it for marketing purposes extensively.  Digital point forums are no doubt popular and we will show you the pros of the forum which contribute extensively in their success. The user base of digital point forums is very high and at this time there are 693,747 threads, 6,472,445 posts, 141,261 members, and 47,979 active members. Let’s see the pros and cons of forums of digital point.




Rating: 5/5



  • You can integrate your AdSense account in your posts which will contribute in the revenue you will get from Ad push.
  • Digital point forums is very easy to use and the website structure is quiet self-explanatory.
  • You are still getting paid if you stop viewing your posts as people are visiting them from time to time which keeps your revenue steady.


  • You have to post at least 50 posts in order to get your AdSense account getting credited.
  • You don’t have the authority to place contextual- targeted ads or placement-targeted ads in your posts as Google Ad Sense will decide by themselves which ads will be placed on your posts.
  • Posts on this website are quantity oriented as mostly there are spam posts with one liners


Recommendations for Improvement:

We have discussed in detail the pros and cons of Digital point forums and there are many points that they should consider changing as it will affect them now or later. They should decrease the minimum limit of posts which a person has to post to get revenue from Ad impressions and clicks. They should spam the users who are posting one liner posts and their quality is below a certain level which is actually destroying the image of forum. But in short you cannot find a better forum which has a lot to offer in a single place with fun, discussion, revenue sharing, marketing and many other stuff which will never make you get bore with this website.

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