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A Harvard student in 2004 launched a site which was bound to alter the entire social networking history.  What started off as a private social interaction site for friends and family soon turned into a social networking Giant with users in excess of 1 billion. Facebook is an online social networking website where people can upload photos and videos, post their statuses and keep in touch with their friends and family. Facebook has surpassed all ethno-linguistic, religio-sectarian and socio-economic barriers. It is available in more than 36 different languages, hence making it compatible worldwide. The pew Research center found facebook to be the most popular social networking site in 2014 with a 70% daily active user rate. According to ‘ eBizMBA Rank’, facebook was the most popular social networking site till 1 April 2015 with an estimated 900 million monthly visitors, leaving behind LinkedIn and twitter with a fair margin. However the overall growth has slowed down in the previous two years.

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Rating : 5/5


  • User Friendly: Facebook is extremely user friendly. The signup for facebook is totally free and you only need an email address to register. Facebook is much easy to use than twitter where in the latter one doesn’t know who to follow and how to follow, whereas in Facebook, your friends and family are already there.
  • Ideal tool for Socialization: Facebook is perhaps the best online cog to socialize with friends and family. You can upload photos and videos, send messages and share your thoughts through Statuses. You also have the utility to like someone’s post, photo or video by a like button. You can also give your opinion or share your feelings by commenting on photos, videos and different posts.
  • A Marketing Tool: Facebook is no more just a site for private interaction. Now you can also reach your potential customers through facebook. Facebook has become a major medium for marketing. According to ‘State of Inbound marketing’ report issued in 2012, 42% of businesses thought that facebook was extremely essential for their business. You can run advertisement about your business and you are also provided with the luxury to choose your target audience. Advertising is very cheap on facebook with substantial benefits.
  • Mobile Supported: Facebook mobile app was launched in 2011 to facilitate large number of mobile users. In 2012, the app was updated for android users. In addition to this, facebook is also very mobile friendly. You can easily browse facebook through your mobile internet explorer and can perform all the functions that are available in desktop version of facebook.
  • Games and Apps: Facebook also launched an app center where you can play games and use apps made by different developers all around the globe. According to Facebook, more than 250 million users play games on facebook and there are more than 200 games on facebook app center. This gives a unique edge to facebook over all other social networking websites. It presents a whole range of activities that are available to the users of facebook.



  • Privacy: The biggest issue with facebook is of privacy. Though Facebook has recently introduced strict privacy measures but they are still in-adequate. Any anonymous user can peek into the profile of other and can see personal data and information. There are instance where the pictures of other people have been stolen and used for duplicitous purposes.
  • Addictive: Facebook with its varied and distinctive features is extremely addictive .According to the statistics revealed by ‘Business Insider’, over 864 million users check facebook every day. The ‘Social Times’ website has found out that an average American adult spends roughly 40 minutes on checking facebook newsfeed every day. This shows what a beast facebook has become, sucking up a major proportion of it’s’ user’s time.
  • No Authentication of Information: Social Media Hoax has become a popular phenomenon these days. Anyone can post anything on facebook without any veracity. Facebook has become a hub for spreading rumors and false news. There are no filters to prevent user from posting fake or false items. This has led to scandal mongering and over exaggeration. The freedom of expression is gravely misused on facebook which malign the sentiments of many people.



Facebook has reduced the distances and made socialization all the more attractive. There are few things that the Developers of facebook should consider to enhance the efficacy of facebook. First and foremost, they should introduce strict privacy measures whereby a user is entitled to protect his/her personal information, data etc. No friends or other member should be able to see the photo that the user has liked or commented on, without the approval of the prime user. Facebook should have strict filters to check the authenticity of news posted by users. It should be made sure that no such stuff is being posted which is detrimental to the sentiments of other people.

Facebook is by far the most popular social networking widget and if it takes care of the above mentioned concerns then surely it would become more of an asset than just a gadget.

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