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fiverr buy and sell for $5

fiverr buy and sell for $5

Fiverr is one of the world’s largest online market for as low as 5$ services. These services are of all kinds like I can have your company logo painted on my face and some beautiful girl living in Russia can post your video on her Facebook page. The name of this website came after 5 dollar services. This is also a source of entertainment for some people as when you are on this website you can see people saying I can send your message to mars in just 5 dollars. This might seem an insane idea in the start but as you start using it, you get to know this website and the more you know about this website the addicted you become. It was created in February 2010 and the company made place in market in a very short time. People visited and recommended others and due to which it saw an exponential increase in their popularity. The best thing about this website is that it allow users all over the world to visit the website to buy and sell. If you are new on Fiverr it’s very easy to get to know about the website and even if you buying something on first day then you can check the reviews of the item you are buying as it has positive reviews, times the item is ordered and cancellation ratio which is the main thing and if the cancellation ratio is very high you can just ignore the item and move on. It doesn’t stop here as it provides users to access their product through application which can be installed on Android and IPhone. You can easily navigate to all of the sections of this website through your mobile and buy anything you want. It has given every user with their Facebook and Google account so that you could get away with the hassle of filling the form. Let’s see the pros and cons of the website


Rating : 5/5




  • Extremely easy to use and you can go to all the sections without having any knowledge of the product as they all are self-explanatory
  • Community and forum is very active and you can post all your issues there, sometimes its fun to comment on the issues which people are facing.
  • You can make good money with all the things that you love to work on.
  • There is versatility in choices of works and items while surfing the website.


  • Revenue sharing with the website which is 20 percent. It means if you are selling something at 5 dollars you have to give away 20 percent to the website which is a big amount if you are doing big business gigs.
  • There are not much payment methods mostly people rely on PayPal which takes additional withdrawal fees other than share of website
  • Company holds your payments for at least 14 days which makes issues for the people who want to get paid on urgent basis.


In short this website is full of fun and gives you many opportunities to do what you like but some things you have to keep in mind are that you have to check the estimated arrival date of the item, you have to first roam around the website to get an idea of gigs, do leave feedback so that others are able to know what type of gig is that and last but not the least don’t give your personal details to anyone.

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