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kite flying game is an online kite flying game that’s gaining a lot of popularity recently. The reasoning behind all of the popularity will be unveiled in this article, namely the key features that make this game attractive, why is it a different game, and what’s so special behind the gameplay. From the registration to the game itself, Kitefights is a complete revolution in what concerns flying games.



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When you go to the website, the first thing you that will surprise you is its simplicity. You can register in the traditional way, via email or you can simply add your Facebook. It’s this interaction with the social media that first gathers the attention of the user; after all, no one likes to spend a lot of time just to enter one game. The registration is free, so you don’t have to worry about any type of fee or your own personal records when you play the game, all of your data is well protected according to the terms and services.


With Kitefights, you start to play and you…fight kites. Sais like that it might sound a little boring, but going inside the game and you see that you have several types of kites, accessories to use any kind of kite. You have three modes, the Practice where you get the hang of the game and controls, the Multiplayer where you measure your skills against others and the Bonus Round mode that allow you to get high scores and win prizes.

game modes

New kites keep getting added was the game progresses, you can check via Facebook what new settings and kites are added! You’ll have the possibility for being recognized as a top player of the week and several other awards, the fact that this game is almost played real time gives you motivation to keep improving your kite.

Improving your kite requires coins, you can either get them in the Bonus Round mode or you simply go to the “Store” and you acquire them, it all depends on your choice and the type of investment you’re willing to made, but the fact that there’s a free option to get coins is something very different from other games. Normally, you’d only have the possibility to pay for these coins.

Kitefights community

The greatest asset of this game when compared with other flying games is the real time interaction. With a blog, forum and Facebook page dedicated only to the game, you can discuss matters with other players in order for you to improve; you can even chat online during the game.

This creates a nice spirit of sportsmanship which is very healthy, things like abusing to anyone on the chat, spamming things, using other software to help you win, using duplicate accounts to have more scores and intentionally losing to other players are things that will not be tolerated and will have you removed from Kitefights. This respect for the player’s skills while maintaining a healthy competition environment is something that’s not very common in online games and should be praised.

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