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Linkedin is far more than just a simple social media tool to find a job; it’s the digital option for you to make a position in the business world and demonstrate that you possess valuable skills that are valuable. Its launch was in 2003 and 12 years later it has more than 300 million people registered and others that even not registered use Linkedin to search for a job.



Linkedin has a very intuitive and attractive website, you can register using the common way, with your email and a password, or you can simply use your Facebook account to register. Using the second one will allow to compare the information you use in Linkedin and assess that you are a legitimate candidate to a job offer. Can’t you always be near your personal computer? Don’t worry, the Linkedin app works perfectly, and loads quickly, so you won’t be losing features even in mobile.

If you have made up your mind in what you want, it’s easy to search in the website, there are several advanced options to use as filter, and you can even make the selections by the alphabetical filter available in the website. Salary range, experience, recent jobs made available, distance, typology of the job; these are some of the advanced filter options available in Linkedin. How about searching for jobs even without creating an account? Yes, you can do that! You won’t use the full capacities of the features, but it’s a possibility that some users of the web enjoy.



  • The possibility to contact in a fast way with representatives of human resources from several companies;
  • Mobile friendly;
  • It makes you understand that in this world nowadays, globalization is a must, you can live in one side, but you can end up finding the perfect opportunity in another country;
  • You can search a job according to the connections you have with fields of work and even companies;
  • The profile of the website is your resume, you don’t need to upload several models of word files and keep adding things to a word file, you only need to update your profile;
  • Excellent advanced possibilities of choice, you can choose a job you desire according to your expectations of salary, typology, experience and even location, if distance is an important factor for you;
  • You can apply via Linkedin, but the website also allows for you to go to the company’s website and use other forms of job application;
  • It’s very transparent, all the information you might need to know about Linkedin, how it works, the investors, media, the management of the company, job opportunities and it even has its own blog to assist those who want to use Linkedin to its fullest;
  • The registration via Facebook allows comparing information in both platforms, that way you prove you’re a legitimate candidate.



  • In order to have the full advantages of Linkedin, you need to spend money, without the membership, you’ll only get the “basic” package, maybe it’s enough for your objectives, maybe it isn’t;
  • You’re not familiar with networking, social media and building connections via internet? If you feel more comfortable only with the old format of letter of application and resume, you’re in serious problems with Linkedin that relies almost solely in networking;
  • Its popularity happens to be a con, it’s such a good website, that you will be competing against millions of candidates, although the website is good, but it doesn’t perform miracles, and competing against millions, it doesn’t matter that the quality of Linkedin is good, it will all be the same question as always, the job depends solely on your skills and how you present them. 



Linkedin is a fantastic tool with features that make the most of your skills, but always remember that this website is a very dynamic and interactive tool, it also shows your level of activity and how? With the updates you do to your profile and skills, so keep yourself “alive” in Linkedin and keep working on your skills, especially the networking ones to make the most of the advantages of this website.

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