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Everyone is attracted to motion and sound. GoAnimate is a combination of both motion and sound. It is a web based application which is used by non-artist users to create animated videos in a very easy way. Drag and drop feature in this application makes it easier and simpler to create videos and gives it a very professional look. Also This tool is used for content marketing, as in future, integration of videos will become an important part marketing strategy. Cisco has predicted that by 2017 video will make 69% of consumer traffic and including videos in every strategy and tutorial will become more than obvious. The best thing about this website is do-it-yourself feature which enable the users to make or change all the videos they have made. GoAnimate costs from 39$ to 250$ per month with a discount which you get when you pay an upfront for a year.


GoAnimate is being widely used by people from all professions regardless of their artistic skills. If you have the concept of the video you want to make then by watching the tutorial you can make the required video in five minutes. You can also share these videos on social networking websites as GoAnimate is directly linked with them. This application has been featured on Mashable, CNN, TechCrunch and Wall Street Journal which shows that how much this application is used and how much it is popular amongst people. This application is widely used amongst teachers also as they make simple videos to teach students regarding their daily lessons and this helps students to get a deeper understanding of the subject or topic. Also, one can make business presentations too by using this web based tool. Let’s see the pros and cons of GoAnimate before coming to the final conclusion.



Rating: 5/5



  • Excellent tutorials are available in both text and video forms and it takes you by hand to create your first video.
  • You don’t need to install it on your computer as it’s a web based application.
  • It has a huge library of characters which you can easily use when you are making a video


  • If you are creating videos for someone else you have to pay extra 79$ per video for commercial rights.
  • Text to speech feature is not up to mark as it produces unrealistic videos.
  • Starting cost is more than what people expect and they have to pay this cost even they have zero income at the start of their business.


If you are non-artist, creative and you have the required budget then GoAnimate is an excellent choice and an easy entry in the world of video marketing for you regardless of some drawbacks which are nothing when it’s compared to the services which this application can give you and you can make lots of money by making videos in a very simple way.

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