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Kaymu is one of Pakistan’s biggest online stores which is used for selling and buying online stuff of all kinds. Its policy on fixed price enables the buyer to have firsthand information on the price of goods they want to buy. This project was first named as which was on a very small scale which was later changed to It is the EBay of Pakistan as it allows sellers to sell their goods in the website while they monitor compliance in terms of service delivery. It is one of the sleek website that will completely change the shopping experience. There are very few companies who have seen a spike in their success in less years as which is only two years old. The navigation on this website enables the customer to have information about all the products on main page and with easy navigation he can navigate through the website on single clicks. Main page comprises of Featured Seller, Deal of the day, Men’s must have, Women must have and many more. These one click important categories allows the user to easily go to the part of the website he might have to search for. has 30,000 visitors a day and up to 16,175 orders per month, you can see the massive growth of the website in just two years.



Let’s see the pros and cons of



Rating: 4/5


  • Site promises to deliver all over Pakistan even in Waziristan.
  • Site take the responsibilities of the transactions and put the end users on ease with cash on delivery facility.
  • It’s completely free and everyone can come and open their store and start selling


  • There is no check and balance on stores as the customer has to assume the quality of products by seeing the reviews
  • Bad return policy as if you have paid for the product there is no returning back for that product
  • Customer service is not up to the mark as a large part of customers have complaint regarding no response of emails and calls.


Recommendations for Improvement:

There are some parts of this website which need improvements as they really should check the people who come and sell stuff because when people get their order they complaint that they don’t get the stuff which was shown to them on the website which will question the legitimacy of this website. Return policy should be made as online shopping is always a blind shopping because you have not tried it on yourself so there should be a return policy if that size doesn’t fit you or there is some issue with the product which gets delivered to you.

Despite of some shortcomings, has revolutionized the online shopping industry of Pakistan when other stores were working on their max and it has given a new trend to online shopping. EBay & Amazon are not in Pakistan due to payment method issues but has set an example for them also that online shopping is secure and a profitable business in Pakistan and they should start considering to open up in Pakistan also.

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  • Muhammad Zafar Ullah

    I bought a watch through 6 month ago. But wrist watch was totaly third class . Returned to warehouse karachi. After 6 months still waiting , not received wrist watch nor money. I swear is totally based on fraud and must be brought to FIA for justice.

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