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Pinterest is a website that was launched 5 years ago, in March 2010, although it’s pretty well established online, its features has to compete with other social media applications. Nonetheless, it continues to confirm itself has a valuable tool in terms of searching for online content, since it still holds the record for one of the fast growing websites ever, the fact of being mobile friendly for iPhones and even Android devices makes Pinterest a popular choice at international level ranking 38th in Alexa. This website had the most typical model of success for social media tools, first, began by being popular inside a small circle of people in the United States, especially women, and in these 5 years it attracted visibility enough to become a tool with international recognition.



Pinterest is simply a visual marker and a tool to share photos online. It’s a tool that allows searching for visual online content based on your interest. You won’t find blogs, articles, reviews, music, with this website, the priority is the visual, and that includes images and videos. With your account you can either add your own content, or simply tag other users’ contents, which are called “pinboards”, a feature that allows you to select and categorize images that you’ve appreciated. Like several other websites, there’s some possibility of interaction by adding notes to your contents and following other users you find yourself related to.


While the connection to Facebook and Twitter accounts assures the reliability of the website, it also works against it, if the user doesn’t know anyone that has Pinterest, he’ll simply continue to use Facebook and Twitter as alternatives to post social media.



Rating: 5/5



  • Very Mobile friendly, the Pinterest app is very intuitive and seems you’re using the website itself.
  • Not boring, since you have more images than written contents.
  • Maintains the main trait of a website, the possibility of interaction with other users.
  • The connection to Facebook and Twitter accounts are an assurance of reliability.



  • While it works well with Mozilla and Internet Explorer, it struggles with Google Chrome, even more in the installation stages of the bookmark bar button.
  • Lack of links to return to the initial page, there’s the need to press the “back” button several times, which often can cause the website to crash.
  • Although there’s nice visual content, but the type of content available can be easily manipulated, this is visible in terms of fashion photos, which are the ones most representative in Pinterest. There should be a way to limit the number of photos of a certain category so that variety could be preserved.



While Pinterest is not a unique idea, after all, there are several tools that allow users to share images and videos; the fact that its registration is free and it’s very easy to install and use in mobile technology makes it a plus for those you wish to share visual contents in a fast way.

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