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The website known as SoundCloud is nothing more than an interface where everyone can share audio files in the internet. Sound familiar? Yes, it’s pretty much like YouTube, but more directed to a less young target audience. Its popularity keeps increasing, and nowadays, nearly 200 million people listens materials in SoundCloud every month. It was founded in Sweden, but the success began in 2007 in Berlin, the first use of this platform was to musicians to share their content, in a form of interaction with the fans, nowadays, it has become something very mainstream, especially after destroying its direct competitor, MySpace.



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SoundCloud has several tools that allow sharing audio with others. The registration is very simple, you can either do it the regular way, where you use your email, or you can choose the options of Facebook and Google +. As you see, SoundCloud not only is a social network for people who share audio, it also relates with other social networks, where you can share your audio.

As soon as you enter the website, you can start recording sounds, it can go from anything, from a simple sentence, to a song, you just need to use the buttons on the screen to record, and it’s very intuitive and very user-friendly. As it was referred, it’s a social network, and it has the properties of it, you can search and share other user’s sounds, and even comment! It doesn’t need to be a specific artist; you can search for anything, as long as it’s registered in SoundCloud.



It’s very easy to find any type of sound you want, the interface is very intuitive and you can give your feedback, plus, the registration process is modern and easy. The SoundCloud app keeps all the traits from the website, so you can even make use of your mobile technology to expand your range of use of this tool. You can share the audio in Facebook or Google +, this interaction with other social networks is perfect to give visibility.



The biggest difficulty is to extract all the potential of SoundCloud, since you have three options, Free, Pro and Pro Unlimited, however, there are several complaints from users that claim that the payments are not getting accepted, which means a flaw in the system that doesn’t allow the users to make the most of this interface.



SoundCloud is an interface that reached millions of users in just a few years, and its popularity keeps growing up to the point where there are rumours that claim that Twitter will buy SoundCloud for around two billion dollars. After beating the competition of MySpace in 2009 it keeps conquering market share in terms of audio recording and content sharing in the internet.

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