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If you are into gaming, then you must have fantasized about a game where your choices tailor game’s story.  Telltale games have done just that in their episodic game series. Telltale Games is an American award winning independent developer that came into being in 2004. Telltale games have been ranked as the most ‘innovative Company’ by Fast Company in 2014. Telltale is the only company to have developed episodic games. They have developed many award winning games and the most popular amongst them are “The Walking Dead” and “The Wolf Among Us”. The Walking Dead has been made on a comic book and its five episode game series marked a record sale of 17 million copies. Telltale is also noted for working with studios and screenwriters to create a strong experience that pays homage to the original film or franchise e.g the recently launched “The Game Of Throne Series”.



  • Choice Tailored Story: This is the major feature that has attracted millions of gamers. Characters’ adaptations to your choice make the game feel more realistic. You feel like you are part of the game. This feeling makes the game all the more interesting and interactive.
  • Based on Comic Books: You can always refer to the respective comic book when playing any of Telltale games be it ‘The walking Dead ’or ‘The Game of Thrones. The story is obviously a bit different but playing a game based on a comic book that you have read into your childhood makes the game more addictive. 
  • Enthralling Experience: The games are so intriguing that you experience every kind of thrill ranging from the close sensation of bite of a zombie to fighting your favorite Fable characters. You feel every bit of emotion; fear sympathy, love and Anger.           


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  • Good Graphics: The graphics are simply amazing for a game that requires not much of System appliances. Everything from texture details to character appearances has been executed masterly.


telltale games  graphics  telltale games Lighintg




The major critique on Telltale is that the game story is not tailored by choices in reality. The game always has a predetermined ending despite the choices that the user has made. The effect of choices is nearly negligible because if someone is to die, despite your choice the character will die. The critics also propose that the story is designed in such a way that you choices only affect the game story temporarily, the main plot never changes. The other drawback is the lack of user control and action. You only have to click or press certain buttons when engaged in any action. The game is most likely watching an episodic TV series where you only get to move the character and choose some actions at a particular time.


However despite all such critics, Telltale has introduced a unique concept which is exciting for many users. They have already given us a new gaming experience which is real and absorbing enough for many users around the World.They have been making improvement continuously in their new games and it is not farfetched that in distant future they develop a game which completely surpasses our imagination of traditional gaming.

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