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All those of you who have been hooked onto Diablo games, Heads up! There is a substitute out there that might interest you big time. The developers of ‘Diablo’ and ‘fate’ joined hands to produce a single player, action role playing master piece, which they call Torchlight. Torchlight released in 2009 crossed the $2 million mark in 2015 and is still raging on. It has been a huge success bagging a rating of 8.1 /10 on metacritics. The article discusses below what the game has to offer and what could be the potential flaws in it.


What the Game offers?

  • Enthralling Experience: Set around the mining settlement of a boomtown called Torchlight, the game is an action packed thriller which lets the user control a hero to explore and take on scary monsters and other creatures in the dungeons of Torchlight. As the Hero takes on the quest of discovering Emblem ( The mystical power, that either corrupts or enlightens the one it contacts) the Random quests, loot, and fights along the way makes the game very lively and enjoyable.


  • Addictive yet simple game play: The wide spectrum of exploration, innumerable quests and acquiring lethal magical spells to use against enemies makes the game all the more addictive. Also the game offers consistent rewards in the form of coins, magic and weapons, to keep the players far from feeling jaded. Yet the game also offers easy to use and easy to understand interface. You control all the actions simply by movements and clicks of your mouse. 


  • Three characters to choose from: The game lets you choose from among three characters, each having a diverse venture to tread on. 


  • The luxury of choosing a Pet: The game offers users an aide in the form of a pet. Players can choose the pet that will accompany them, increase their level and assist them in battles and collecting items for selling back in the town. 


  • The Editor Mode: The game provide users with a unique experience by giving them the freedom to create their own content, design, dungeons, campaigns and many more. You finally have a platform to check your creativity.


Why you might to skip playing Torchlight? 

The Absence of Multiplayer Mode:

 This is perhaps the only major drawback that this game has. You cannot play with other players. The lengthy story might leave the users bored. However, the engrossing music, fierce combats and addictive game play makes up quite well for it.


So the final verdict is that the game is an enjoyable experience and is a must for anyone who like RPG role playing based games. You will literally fall in love with the randomness of quests and the fine build graphics



The game is compatible with Microsoft windows 2000 or later.  It only requires 800 Mhz processor with a minimum of 512 MB RAM and 500 MB harddisk.  For graphics, there should be a 64 MB graphics card with direct X 9.0c installed on the system. However the sequels of this game requires much higher system requirement preferably 1.4ghz processor or higher.

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