Upwork (Odesk) Vs Freelancer.com


Following the recent news regarding online outsourcing with the change from “Odesk” to “Upwork”, it’s time to understand the weight of this change and compare it with another platform with different traits. This article intends to show the strengths and weaknesses of both websites and try to give a review that allows a comparison between them.


Year of foundation

Did you know that Elance was the first global online platform to be founded? It appeared in 1998, and while it didn’t reach the expected success, it paved the way for the rest of these websites. Odesk was founded in 2003 and changed to Upwork in 2015, while Freelancer.com was founded in 2004, a year later.


Funding Received

It might be a shock, but while Odesk, now Upwork is arguably the most popular platform; the fact is that in terms of funding does not have a significant edge over Freelancer.com. Odesk/Upwork has $44 million and Freelancer.com $40 million.


Number of Freelancers

According to the data available, Upwork has more than 3 million freelancers registered in the website, while Freelancer.com has a staggering 7 million. If we relate this number with the funding, we will reach the conclusion that in average, work offers are a lot cheaper in Freelancer.com and that clients might be more demanding in Odesk/Upwork.


Number of jobs posted and percentages charged

In Odesk/Upwork, more than 3.5 million jobs were posted since 2003, which means that there’s a ratio above 1:1 in terms of freelancers and jobs posted, by theory, everyone in this platform has a good chance to get a job. In Freelancer.com, since 2004, more than 4.4 million jobs were posted, which means that several users probably never had a chance to get a job in this platform; this is not a positive point. In terms of percentages per payment, Odesk/Upwork charges 10% of the total, while Freelancer.com charges 13%, not only Freelancer has a freelancer/job ratio very low, the value which is charged is higher, these are not attractive conditions.



With all the facts presented, we have to refer, that even with the changes on Odesk to Upwork which made the website less appealing and less user friendly with strange colors and occasional problems in terms of messaging, it still is a better platform than Freelancer.com. Freelancer.com is not freelance-friendly and it’s overcrowded, the registration process is easy on both platforms, but the probability to get a job in Freelancer.com is very low, due to the competition effect, and even if you get the possibility of finding a job, the value will be lower when comparing to similar jobs in the Upwork platform. It’s simple Economy, if the supply increases, the prices will be lower.

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