Why Iphone is the best smartphone


In terms of smartphone markets, there are two big players, Apple and Android, and if you’re one of the millions of people that are starting to wonder to which smartphone trend they would like to jump in, then in this article we will make a push for the Apple Iphone and clarify why it would be the best choice.



Comparing Iphones with the other smartphones it becomes clear that Apple tried to make it the most “user-friendly” possible. You just need to click in icons and drag with fingers. The layout is very simple and every icon is well identified, and everything is standard regardless of the Iphone model.

The name “Iphone”

Although this is not a technological parameter, but a marketing one, you have to wonder yourself, how many times have you heard that someone “wants to buy an Iphone” even if they’re referring to a smartphone from another brand? Maybe several times I guess. This happens because the standard of smartphones is the Iphone, whether by the thin design that is appealing or by other attractive factor, the point is that the name “Iphone” is still a heavy burden for all the other brands.


The demand of the app market in the App Store of Apple keeps increasing; in the beginning of 2014 this value was of 10 billion dollars spent in the App Store. Before going to Android, the Apps are launched in iOS; since it’s well known that it’s the best platform to test the app. Android still struggles, because the iPhone can integrate both good hardware and software performances.

Perfect integration with other devices

With an iPhone you can easily sync it with other devices of Apple without any manual changes or drastic software installing, the iCloud system allows it easily. If you have a Mac, then you MUST purchase an iPhone, it will be easier for you to pass contents from one device for another without intermediate software, such as Samsung Kies for instincts.

Security First

iPhone has a different politic in terms of freedom and safety regarding the contents. Apple assures more safety but less freedom of use, which is a good thing considering that we are in the era of information. There are few security breaches with an iPhone, which is a big plus; you don’t want to take the risk of having other people to take your contents do you?


While the smartphone market keeps getting more competitive, the fact is that both technological, quality and brand level still have the iPhone as a leader. It’s a device that’s more intuitive, allows downloading apps that are very helpful and that maximize the full potential of the iPhone, plus, you have a company that cares for the security of your data. Are you willing to join the iPhone bandwagon now? We sure are!

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