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World is moving fast and so is the technology. In this fast moving world everyone wants to get maximum out of technology. Blogging came into trend some years ago and it saw a huge spike in a very short period of time. Blogging became more and more easy to use and a very comprehensive way to express yourself and your products. There are many free blog sites but today I will explain you the comparison of Blogger & WordPress.


Blogger is one of the oldest blog site of the blog world and one thing that makes it special than others that no matter how experienced the blogger is but they agree to this point that they have started blogging from this website. Blogger also known as BlogSpot was launched in late 90’s and has seen many ups and downs until they were bought by Google. Blogger can be a good or bad option but it really depends upon what type and on what level you need the blog. Let’s see the pros and cons of Blogger


  • It’s very easy to use and you don’t need to view of read any tutorial before using blogger.
  • You can integrate it with your Google account and Google+ also
  • You don’t need to worry about security of your blog as Google is taking backups and responsible for your blog security.
  • You can map your existing domain name to your Blogger account for free.
  • You can upload your own templates or can buy a new one from a third-party if you don’t like the default templates.


  • It’s not unique as when you are blogging you will have a feeling that it’s not different and it’s like every other blog website.
  • You have limited storage space for images and page size limit.
  • No dashboard to control comments on you blog as commenting and feedbacks are important part of any blog.



WordPress is also a free and easy to use blogging website as it’s famous for its technical standpoint. The innate functions can be modified to create something more complex but one should really know that what he or she is getting into. Let’s see the good and bad points of WordPress.


  • You own the rights to your website and no one else can claim your blog.
  • You can take this blog to a high profit business by placing ads on your blog.
  • You don’t have to submit your content to Google as your blog posts are search engine friendly and are automatically indexed by Google.
  • You can join their ad network WordAds to monetize your blog and make money. But you will need a custom domain name to be eligible.
  • You can automatically share your latest blog posts to social media channels.


  • It takes some time to learn WordPress as it’s not that easy like all other blogging websites
  • You have to keep an eye on the blog as the website demands attention all the time with various options
  • It can cost you money if you start upgrading and the minimum cost is 100 dollar per year

Comparison between WordPress & Blogger

One thing is sure that you cannot say which one is better as both have their advantages in their own ways and it totally depends upon the nature of the blog you want. If you are using blog as a hobby then blogger may be the best choice for you but if you want to do anything professionally and earn money then WordPress is your thing as they have the audience that can give you the coverage and appreciation you want.


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