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This website is not a very mainstream one, probably because there aren’t any American or European influences, but regarding Pakistani information, this website is top notch quality and the way it gives information is amazing, very intuitive to the public and allows interaction with the same.

Website : www.zemtv.com



The Zemtv.com has live news channels, as well has the possibility to submit videos and articles according with a restrict policy, not only in terms of the content of the message as well as in terms of copyright. The moderation is very tight, and action is taken against those who go against these regulations. The best part is that this information is very accessible, so that there’s no chance to break any laws, nonetheless, if the user does not agree with the decision of Zemtv, there’s always the possibility of leaving a remark in the website which has a response from 20 minutes to 1 hour.


Although it has a very strong political content, is not allowed to insult or promote any type of abuse speech, so that a healthy environment is kept. Viewers are encouraged to criticize within the reasonable limits.


Social media

The use of social media is well present in Zemtv, Facebook is used and it has a wide support with over 1.5 million users. Twitter is also present, but with less dominance than Facebook, stimulating this type of interaction is very healthy within a website of political views. There’s even a YouTube channel for Zemtv, so the information that someone posts on the website can be easily accessed by anyone in this world, it’s simply a matter of advertising the website.


The process of registration to interact in the website is either via email, the traditional way, or using a Facebook or a Twitter account, that way the process can be even faster and allow you to experiment all the interactive tools of Zemtv.



Now let’s consider internet metrics, according to Alexa, a reliable source in terms of internet rating, Zemtv.com is below the 3000 websites with more traffic, however, nowadays is presenting a growing trend in terms of popularity, and we can access the success of the connection with the social media, since more than 26% of this website’s visitors go to Facebook right after they perform the first visit. The founders of Facebook would be more than happy with the type of interaction that this site enables.


In terms of visitors, almost 38% return to see Zemtv again, with an average daily time on the website of 6 minutes and 52 seconds, so we can induce that this website is for small interactions and comments, in terms of video it still has room for improvement.

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